Engagement of Special Police Officer (SPOs) in J&K Police District Poonch

Engagement of Special Police Officer (SPOs) in J&K Police District Poonch

The Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Police Department is inviting applications for the recruitment of Special Police Officers (SPOs) in District Poonch. This recruitment drive follows the directives outlined in PHQ J&K Communication No. PHQ/CB/2024/870-71 dated 25-06-2024 and ZPHQ Jammu letter No. Pers/E-7508243/2024/16235-86 dated 29-06-2024. The advertisement notice, labeled as Notice No. 01 of 2024, was released on 01-07-2024 and includes essential dates and processes for applicants from specific villages within the district.

Key Information About the Recruitment:

This opportunity is specifically for male candidates from the identified villages in District Poonch. The selection process for SPOs will involve a rigorous Physical Endurance Test (PET) to ensure that only physically capable individuals are recruited. This test is crucial for evaluating the physical fitness and endurance necessary for police duties.

The villages eligible for this recruitment include Salotri, Jhulass, Khanater, Shendara, Gali Pindi, Armi, Bella Balla, Kalaban, Pathanatir, Banola, Dharana, Uchaad Timra, Balnoi Ghani, Bhatidhar, Kanati, Salwah, Sangiote, Naka Manjhari, Nar, Tota Gali, Bhatadurian, Gursai, and Lassana.

Application Process and Schedule:

Submission of Application Forms: The application forms must be submitted in person at the District Police Office (SSP Office) in Poonch. The submission window is from 03-07-2024 to 06-07-2024, between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Candidates must ensure that their applications are submitted within this timeframe to be eligible for the selection process.

Physical Endurance Test (PET) Schedule: The PET will be conducted at the Sports Stadium in Poonch from 09:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The schedule for different police stations and villages is as follows:

S.No.Name of VillagesPolice StationDate of SubmissionDate/Time of PETVenue
1SalotriP/S Poonch03-07-202410-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
2JhulassP/S Poonch03-07-202410-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
3KhanaterP/S Poonch03-07-202410-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
4ShendaraP/S Poonch03-07-202410-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
5Gali PindiP/S Mandi03-07-202410-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
6ArmiP/S Mandi03-07-202410-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
7Bella BallaP/S Loran03-07-202410-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
8KalabanP/S Mendhar04-07-202411-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
9PathanatirP/S Mendhar04-07-202411-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
10BanolaP/S Mendhar04-07-202411-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
11DharanaP/S Mendhar04-07-202411-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
12Uchaad TimraP/S Mendhar04-07-202411-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
13Balnoi GhaniP/S Mendhar04-07-202411-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
14BhatidharP/S Mendhar04-07-202411-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
15KanatiP/S Mendhar04-07-202411-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
16SalwahP/S Mendhar04-07-202411-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
17SangioteP/S Gursai05-07-202412-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
18Naka ManjhariP/S Gursai05-07-202412-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
19NarP/S Gursai05-07-202412-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
20Tota GaliP/S Gursai05-07-202412-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
21BhatadurianP/S Gursai05-07-202412-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
22GursaiP/S Gursai05-07-202412-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch
23LassanaP/S Surankote06-07-202413-07-2024Sports Stadium Poonch

Criteria for Selection and Key Points:

The selection process for SPOs is centered around a rigorous Physical Endurance Test (PET). This test is meticulously structured to evaluate the physical fitness levels of the candidates. The PET typically includes activities such as long-distance running, sprinting, push-ups, sit-ups, and other exercises that test cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and overall endurance. The objective is to ensure that the candidates can handle the physical stresses of police work, which can be intense and require sustained physical effort over extended periods.

Candidates preparing for the PET must focus on a comprehensive fitness regimen that enhances their cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and stamina. Regular training, proper nutrition, and adequate rest are essential components of this preparation. Candidates are encouraged to practice the specific exercises included in the PET to familiarize themselves with the test format and improve their performance.

Adherence to the specified dates and timings for the PET is crucial. The recruitment schedule is designed to ensure an orderly and efficient selection process, and any deviation from the prescribed dates and times can lead to disqualification. Therefore, candidates must meticulously plan their participation, ensuring they arrive at the test venue on time, well-prepared, and equipped with the necessary documentation.

In summary, the engagement of SPOs through the PET is a vital process that upholds the standards of physical fitness required for effective policing. Candidates must take this opportunity seriously, prepare diligently, and adhere strictly to the recruitment schedule to enhance their chances of being selected. This initiative not only strengthens the J&K Police force but also empowers local youth to play a significant role in maintaining law and order within their communities.


This recruitment drive for Special Police Officers (SPOs) in J&K Police District Poonch is a significant opportunity for male candidates from the identified villages. The process is straightforward, with clear guidelines for submission of applications and the schedule for the Physical Endurance Test (PET). Candidates must ensure they are physically prepared and submit their applications within the specified dates to be considered for this prestigious role.

The engagement of Special Police Officers (SPOs) not only strengthens the J&K Police force but also provides an opportunity for local youth to contribute to maintaining law and order in their communities. This recruitment drive is a testament to the commitment of the J&K Police to enhance security and public safety in District Poonch.

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