Creation of 342 Posts for High Security Prison, Mahanpur, Kathua

Enhancing Security and Management:

The establishment of these new posts follows the approval from the Finance Department (U.O No. FD-Code/445/2021-02-Part(1)-1370 dated 12.02.2024) and the Administrative Council Decision No. 47/05/2024 dated 07.06.2024. Sanctioned under Government Order No.: 273-Home of 2024 dated 14.06.2024, this initiative marks a new chapter in the administration and security management of prisons in Jammu and Kashmir.

Detailed Breakdown of the Posts:

The 342 posts created for the High Security Prison, Mahanpur, Kathua span a range of roles essential for the comprehensive operation of a high-security facility. The positions include:

S.NoName of the PostPay LevelNo. of Posts
1Sr. Superintendent JailLevel-11 (67700-208700)1
2B-Grade Physician SpecialistLevel-11 (67700-208700)3
3Assistant SurgeonLevel-9 (52700-166700)1
4Dental SurgeonLevel-9 (52700-166700)1
5Superintendent JailLevel-8 (47600-151100)1
6Dy. Superintendent JailLevel 6E (35900-113500)1
7Assistant Superintendent JailLevel-6C (35700-113100)3
8Assistant Accounts OfficerLevel-7 (44900-142400)1
9Sr. PharmacistLevel-6 (35400-112400)1
10Sr. AssistantLevel-5 (29200-92300)3
11Accounts AssistantLevel-5 (29200-92300)1
12Pharmacist Grade-ILevel-4 (25500-81100)2
13Lab TechnicianLevel-4 (25500-81000)1
14Head WarderLevel-3B (25400-81000)48
15Head Warder (Driver)Level-3B (25400-81000)2
16SG Warder/WarderLevel-2 (19900-63200)243
17Computer AssistantLevel-4 (25500-81100)1
18Junior AssistantLevel-4 (25500-81100)3
19Electrician Grade-IILevel-2 (19900-63200)2
20Plumber Grade-IILevel-2 (19900-63200)2
21Female NurseLevel-2 (19900-63200)2
22Lab AssistantLevel-2 (19900-63200)1
23Lab BoySL2 (15900-50400)3
24CookSL2 (15900-50400)2
25Barber Grade-IIISL2 (15900-50400)2
26TailorLevel-2 (19900-63200)1
27Carpenter Grade-ILevel-2 (19900-63200)1
28OrderlySL1 (14800-47100)3
29DhobiSL2 (15900-50400)1
30Nursing OrderlySL1 (14800-47100)4
31SafaiwalaSL1 (14800-47100)5
Creation of 342 Posts for High Security Prison, Mahanpur, Kathua

Strengthening the Prison System:

The creation of 342 new posts at the High Security Prison in Mahanpur, Kathua aims to comprehensively address a range of operational needs, ensuring the facility functions effectively and securely.

Enhancing Healthcare Services

The inclusion of medical professionals such as Assistant Surgeons and Dental Surgeons is a critical component of this initiative. These roles are pivotal in ensuring inmates have access to timely and adequate healthcare, addressing both routine medical needs and emergency situations. The presence of qualified medical staff within the prison mitigates the need for frequent external medical visits, which can pose security risks and logistical challenges. Furthermore, it ensures continuous and consistent care, contributing to the overall well-being of the inmate population. This approach not only addresses physical health but also plays a crucial role in mental health management, reducing the risk of health-related incidents within the prison.

Strengthening Security Measures

The appointment of a significant number of Head Warders and Warders is central to enhancing the security framework of the High Security Prison. Head Warders, with their experience and supervisory capabilities, will lead teams of Warders to maintain order and safety. Their presence ensures a robust chain of command and effective supervision of inmates, which is essential in a high-security environment where the risk of disturbances or breaches is higher. Warders, on the other hand, perform the vital day-to-day tasks of inmate supervision, security checks, and enforcement of prison regulations. Their role is crucial in preventing escapes, controlling contraband, and ensuring the overall security of the facility.

Comprehensive Operational Support

In addition to medical and security staff, the creation of posts for support roles such as Sr. Pharmacists, Lab Technicians, and Nursing Orderlies ensures that the prison can operate with a high degree of self-sufficiency. These positions facilitate the smooth operation of medical services, administrative tasks, and maintenance of the prison infrastructure. The inclusion of roles such as Electricians, Plumbers, and Carpenters underscores the need for a well-maintained facility, minimizing disruptions due to infrastructural issues.

Holistic Management Approach

This multi-faceted staffing strategy reflects a holistic approach to prison management. By addressing healthcare, security, and operational efficiency, the government aims to create a secure, well-maintained, and humane environment within the High Security Prison. This not only enhances the safety and well-being of inmates but also contributes to a more effective and rehabilitative correctional system.


The creation of 342 posts for the High Security Prison, Mahanpur, Kathua is a landmark decision by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. This initiative not only strengthens the security and administrative apparatus of the prison but also ensures the welfare and rehabilitation of inmates. With roles spanning from high-level administrative positions to essential support staff, this move highlights the government’s comprehensive approach to prison management. The High Security Prison, Mahanpur, Kathua is set to become a model for other correctional facilities, reflecting a balance of security, efficiency, and humanity in prison administration.

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